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Conte Chalk Portrait Samples

Large commissioned piece for
an Italian Festival honoring a
local parish founder. This technique gives an appropriate ancient look.
A commission for a gift for NBA basketball star Michael Redd. This portrait was a special wedding gift that they will surely remember!

This drawing was a for a wedding gift. The bride and groom were married in colorful traditional African wedding clothes, but the chalk portrait gives it a timeless feel.

This was a Father's Day gift,
from a wife to her husband.
This portrait measured in at 20x30 inches.

This portrait was done to celebrate the birth of their son, as part of a series ordered by the father to give to his wife.

This is the brother of the subject in the drawing to the right. Part of the same series of three sons.

A family group of siblings that wanted a special
gift for Mother's Day.
What a great way to say "We love you!"