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Ink and Ink Wash Portraits
Bringing out the personality makes the drawing more than a photo. This was used to advertise a chain of hair salons.
Used as a business proposal, this portrait/illustration is casual but yet eyecatching and creative.
NEW! Digital ink wash is the next wave for portraits! Specify "digital" when you order.
From a  portrait series used for a charity dinner. This one was of the chef!
These folks commissioned this familly portrait to give to their parents as a Christmas gift.
Used as an illustraion in psychology textbooks Line art reproduces well in black and white publications Part of a series of portraits displayed in a Las Vegas restaurants Ink wash portrait of my grandfather and mother
in younger days
From the chairty dinner program mentioned above. These were assistant chefs.

Ink wash is s two color technique that reproduces well and gives depth. Another color may be used in place of black.

A lawyer wanted to use this
portrait for promotional
Ink wash montages can be dramatic! Adding a second figure, you can tell more of the subject's story.  

This ink wash montage adds peraonality by showing the subject as an adult and as a child.

You can choose to have
a pet or home portrait. The price for house drawings is the same as a single full body portrait.