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Head Only Color Portraits & Color Montages
A portrait given as a Christmas gift from a husband to his wife.
A small portrait, only 8 x10, but the
precious subject made it huge for
the entire family.
Watercolor portraits can really capture
personality well!  A sister gave this as
a gift to her two brothers.
Color montage commissioned by WTVN radio to honor Ohio State football coach and College Hall of Famer Earle Bruce.

A color montage can include logos, buildings, or other props to personalize the gift.  

This portrat was a Mother's Day gift
from a husband to his wife.

A Christmas gift for his wife,
this painting was 18x24 inches in size.

Commissioned family portrait.
The painting measured 24x36 inches.

Digital watercolor portrait of actress,Anna Faris Digital portraits ares drawn using a computer with a digital tablet
Digital watercolor portrait for business use. Great for websites or avatars

For Mother's Day, this client wanted a portrait of his wife with his twin children.

Acrylic painting on canvas, this portrait was a gift for a golden anniversary.