Welcome to The Caricature-Maker! To get a quote, select from the options below and then click Next Step to proceed. After receiving your request, a quote with instructions on completing your order will come to you within one business day.

Step 1: Choose Your Genre

Step 2: How Many People in the Caricature?

Step 3: Choose a Medium

Samples of each medium are on the FunFaces.com home page. You can order mediums not listed here using the description box at the end of the ordering process. For gifts, all mediums can be used, but for reproduction or web use, I recommend a digital medium.

Step 4: Determine Amount of Exaggeration

How funny should this be? Mild or Wild? Nicey or Spicy? Or would you rather have no exaggeration so the drawing looks just like the photo? The choice is yours!

If you would like a portrait instead of a caricature, click this picture: Portrait-Maker

Step 5: Make a Background Choice

Step 6: Add a theme (optional)

Common themes are listed here but these are not your only options! You can add a theme in the description box in the next step if you don't choose any from below.

Step 7: Give a Detailed Description

Please provide a detailed description of your caricature (no messaging please) describing what you'd like the picture to look like. If applicable, include any props, clothing, hobbies, etc. you'd like to include in the artwork.

Step 8: Determine Picture Size & Use

Sizes for traditional mediums over 11x14" are subject to a charge of 5% per linear inch. When ordering for web use, specify in the box below a size in pixels.

How will the caricature be used?
Personal use is any non-commercial single use. There is no extra charge for private reproduction such as holiday cards, wedding invites, gifting multiple copies, etc, and a copyright permission is given to allow for printing. Commercial usage is reproduction for creating retail items such as apparel, mugs, newspapers, etc. and copyrights are sold at a 100% fee.

Step 9: Specify the Date Needed

Due dates of less than 2 weeks are subject to a 50% rush fee. Orders with unspecified due dates are usually completed within 2 weeks depending on workload. Due dates are guaranteed only upon receipt of acceptable photos and payment.

Final Step: Your Information