Fun Faces

Live Party Caricature Pricing

An invoice is sent upon confirmation of the booking. Fees may be paid either in advance or at the event. Payment may be made with cash or check. Credit cards accepted with a 2.75% swipe fee or 3.5% non-swipe fee.

B/w Traditional Marker (16-20 faces/hr)

Standard Rate:
$120/hr Two or more hours / $135 Single hour
*Add $10/hr for events after midnight

Charity Rate:
$85/hr Two or more hours     [what qualifies]

Live Digital Caricatures
(Color 5-7/hr B/w 8-10/hr)

$160/hr Up to 5 hours
$145/hr 6 or more hours
Plastic sleeves and any preprinted paper: FREE!

[more info]

Additional Options

B/w Printed Paper: $35 flat fee / $50 flat fee for 6+ hours
Color Printed Paper: $60 flat fee / $80 flat fee for 6+ hours
Bags: (clear plastic) $5/hr additional / $20 flat fee for 4+ hours

Travel Fee: None if within one hour from Columbus.
Add $10/hr for each hour of drive time from Columbus.
Extra Artists: No additional agent's fee! Artist hours are added together and charged at the same hourly rate.
(Example: 2 artists for 2 hours is 4 artist hours and charged at the hourly rate x 4 hours)
Day Rates: $850 per day (up to 8 hours of drawing!)